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ASFT friction measuring system

Innovation combined with proven technology

Proven principle with modern technology

The ASFT-way to measure friction dates all the way back to the1950s. Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute(VTI) developed a method to objectively measure the conditionon paved surfaces with high reliability. In the 1970s VTI made a joint venture with Swedish car-manufacturer Saab to integrate the system into a car which made a more stable and standardized platform than the previous versions. The Saab Friction Tester was born.

In 1991 Saab Automobile was sold to General Motors who was interested in the Saab cars but not in specialized divisions like the Saab Friction Testers. The division and technology was then sold to ASFT who now carries the torch and continues the development of this fine tradition.

The general measuring principle (the skiddometer-principle) was a stroke of genius from the start and remains the same still today although the technology surrounding the measuring-system has improved a lot in 60 years. This old and well-tested measuring principle combined with new innovations has made ASFT the leading developer and manufacturer of CFME in the world.

The ASFT-way

The ASFT-measuring system is still today using the skiddometer principle and is based on a patented design.

The measuring wheel is not attached to the chassis of the host vehicle, but rather it is only connected to the rear-axle via a spring. This unique design guarantees that the vertical ground pressure is absolutely constant at 1400 N, consequently yielding highly reproducible measuring results. The measuring-tire has a material, shape and tread which closely resemble those of anormal aircraft- or car-tire depending on area of usage. This gives friction-readings that closely correlate with true friction values that are received from aircraft- or car operations.

The Mk IV-S rear axle has the one of a kind ability to operate with flying start (i.e. start measuring while driving). This is due to the use of a linear actuator and gas spring which lowers and raises the measuring wheel with extreme mildness combined with belt drive. The flying start is freeing up valuable operating time and does not interrupt the normal traffic as the start can be made in any speed without stopping first.

The ASFT-system is designed with easy operations and maintenance in mind. This is why for instance calibration can be performed by your own personnel on your own site in about 5minute, which means no shipping or equipment downtime.


Integrated into tow-behind trailers, and vehicles

ASFT Measuring system is integrated into a wide range of different platforms to meet the demands of each different user. All with the unique stable design that is yielding unmatched reproducible measuring results. Some popular examples are, T-5 & T-10 Trailer Surface Friction Tester, and vehicle type Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME). Click on this link to see specific models  

ASFT Systems are listed in ICAO Annex 14 and approved by Swedish Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), UK CAA for CAP683, French CAA by STAC, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Russian CAA by MAK, US Air Force (ETL 04-10) & US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA, AC150-5320-12C). 


The systems measure in accordance with a number of different standards such as ISO 8349, EN1436, ASTM E-2340, ASTM E-1551, ICAO Annex 14 & 15 and more. For more detailed questions about standards please contact a representative.


T2GO Portable Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment, CFME


ASFT has developed a highly versatile friction tester, T2GO, which can measure friction on any surface both dry and contaminated. It is ideal for measuring in areas where it might be difficult to get access to with a larger trailer or vehicle type friction tester. Some areas where it is being operated today are:

  • Accident investigation by Police Force and insurance companies

  • High friction areas as crosswalks, bus stops roundabouts etc

  • Control friction levels in winter ops at sidewalks, etc

  • Airports - Landside and airside

  • Road markings (EN1436)

  • Helidecks (CAP 437)

  • Racing Circuits 

  • Factory floors

  • Oil platforms 

  • Cargo boats

  • Etc

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